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My name is Edward Heath and I am committed to providing my customers with exceptional service.

We are septic system repair & installation professionals and home improvement contractors that have been serving Connecticut for many years with professionalism, honesty and the lowest prices around, with the highest quality and craftsmanship.

I endeavor to please my customers and to protect the trust of our friends who refer us, and aim to provide effective Septic System & Handyman solutions.

Renaissance Man & Intelligent Septic Service has an uncompromised adherence to the highest standards of quality assurance, and a culture of quality that demands that I do things right – the first time, on-time, and every time.
This culture has ensured my success in providing the ultimate standards of Customer Satisfaction! 

Intelligent Septic Solutions
Same Day Emergency Septic Pumping: Our business operates 7 days a week to ensure that you can have 100% septic peace of mind every day! Septic System problems won’t wait until Monday. Call today for same day service!

System Engineering & Installation: Having a new Septic System installed? We can help! We offer top-of-the-line design capabilities and, of course, we can completely install any type of system in a safe and timely manner.

Septic System Restoration & Remediation: We offer the most intelligent and best rehabilitation solution for any problem your septic system might be facing. Ask us  about how we treat two of the most common septic system problem sources – organic clogging and physical deterioration.

Drain Field Restoration & Remediation: Don’t panic! Drain field problems don’t have to be a disaster. Intelligent Septic Solutions is experienced and prepared to use innovative and environmentally sustainable methods to tackle even the toughest drain field restoration projects. 

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